Nominations for 2023 OPAM Professional Development Awards are now OPEN.

Advisors or supervisors can submit a nomination on behalf of an OPAM presenter.

Click here to access the Professional Development Award Nomination Form

* Only conference presenters are eligible to win a Professional Development award. In order to be considered for an award, your current advisor or a senior scientist you know well will need to nominate you by July 31st (the last time zone on Earth).

2022 Professional Development Awards

Thank you to everyone who applied for the OPAM 30 Professional Development Awards! 2022’s winners are:

    • Prachi Mahableshwarkar (George Washington University)
    • Nickolas Paternoster (University of Central Arkansas)
    • Michaela Ritchie (University of New Brunswick Saint John)
    • Tomer Sahar (The Open University of Israel, University of Haifa)
    • Harun Yörük (University of Houston)

2022 Best Talk and Poster Awards

We are able to recognize the best research presented at OPAM, thanks to the generous sponsorship of Visual Cognition. All OPAM 30 presentations were judged by a panel of Associate and Consulting Editors from the Visual Cognition Editorial Board and our onsite judge team. We want to specially thank the onsite judge team this year, including Dr. Sarah Shomstein, Dr. Brad Wyble, Dr. Deb Cronin, Dr. Jeff Moher, and Dr. Nancy Carlisle. The Best Talk winner received $300 and the Best Poster received $200.

Congratulations to the winners of OPAM 30’s Best Talk and Best Poster! In 2022, the winners were:

  • Best Talk: Brett Schmidt (Bates College), “Early visual activity in EEG reflects semantic scene category similarity.”
  • Best Poster: Anna C. McCarter (University of Massachusetts at Amherst), “No evidence for a visual recall testing effect for novel, meaningless objects.”