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OPAM 2024 Keynote Speaker

The OPAM Team is excited to announce Dr. Edward Awh as the OPAM 2024 Keynote Speaker! 

Dr. Awh is a Professor for the Department of Psychology, The Institute for Mind and Biology, and the University of Chicago Neuroscience Institute at the University of Chicago, where he also co-leads the Awh/Vogel Lab alongside Dr. Ed Vogel.

Dr. Awh and his students investigate the interactions of working memory and attentional selection processes via behavioral and neuroimaging approaches such as fMRI and EEG. His early work with positron emission tomography focused on the cortical regions supporting working memory, and the overlapping circuits that were identified for working memory and spatial attention. Notably, his research has heavily contributed to conversations about the nature of working memory representations and the capacity limits that arise from them. With respect to attention, he published the first paper coining the term selection history as an attentional guidance mechanism, motivating wider efforts to distinguish between goal-driven and history-driven influences on attentional selection. In the past decade, Ed and his lab have helped pioneer multivariate approaches for tracking spatial attention and working memory storage, using various oscillatory and voltage-based EEG signals. More recently, his team has focused on electrophysiological evidence for a content-independent indexing process that may help to explain item-based limits for storage in visual working memory. 

His lab has received funding from organizations such as the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and the Office of Naval Research. Dr. Awh has also previously served as an associate editor at Psychonomic Bulletin & Review, associate and senior editor at Psychological Science, and is currently an Associate Editor at Cognition. He is an elected fellow of the Society of Experimental Psychologists, and a Fellow of the Association for Psychological Science.

Dr. Awh is passionate about mentoring trainees, and has been actively involved in supporting the development of research scientists, post docs, graduate students, and undergraduate researchers in his lab.

Dr. Awh completed his B.A. at Northwestern University and his Ph.D. at the University of Michigan, after which he completed a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California: San Diego. He was previously an Assistant, Associate and Full Professor at the University of Oregon before moving to UChicago. To learn more about Dr. Awh and his work, please visit his lab page.


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