About OPAM

The OPAM conference is dedicated to issues in Object Perception, visual Attention, and visual Memory. OPAM is a forum primarily for scientists early in their careers, such as graduate students or postdocs who do not yet have the opportunity to present at the Psychonomic Society meeting. It provides an excellent opportunity to present research to a large audience mainly drawn from the Psychonomics community. The conference embraces a diversity of approaches, including psychophysics, eye-tracking, and neuroimaging. Accepted presentations receive fast-tracked decision privileges at Visual Cognition, promoting the rapid dissemination of high-quality work to the academic community.

OPAM takes place immediately before the Psychonomic Society meeting and at the same hotel/convention center.

If you would like to view the history of the OPAM conferences, including previous presenters and organizers, head on over to the Archive page.


The current OPAM 31 organizers are:

  • Chenxiao Guan, postdoc with Hui Chen and Mowei Shen at Zhejiang University, China
  • Han Zhang, postdoc with John Jonides at the University of Michigan
  • Karolina Krzys, PhD candidate with Monica Castelhano at Queen’s University
  • Ryan O’Donnell, PhD candidate with Brad Wyble at Penn State University

The organizers for OPAM 30 organizers were:

  • Xiaoli Zhang, postdoc with Sarah Shomstein at George Washington University
  • Doug Addleman, postdoc with Viola Störmer at Dartmouth College
  • Chenxiao Guan, PhD student with Chaz Firestone and Jonathan Flombaum at Johns Hopkins University
  • Cristina Ceja, PhD student with Steve Franconeri at Northwestern University

Gathering of Former Organizers

Former organizers often don orange OPAM t-shirts and gather at the Vision Sciences Society conference. Here are some pictures of the recent gatherings at VSS and online:

Collage of OPAM supporters wearing orange for OPAM.
2020 OPAM Supporters @home!
@VSS 2019
@VSS 2018
@VSS 2017
@VSS 2016
@VSS 2015

Recent OPAM publication & placement history