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The talk schedule for OPAM 2012 is listed below. Guidelines for talks and posters are found below the talk schedule.

OPAM 2012 Talk Session
Minneapolis Hilton, Salon G
8:15Opening Remarks 
Lead: Melissa VõEcological perception
8:30Cronin & BrockmoleReference Frames, Implied Motion, Animacy, and Gaze-Control
8:45Meyerhoff, Huff, & SchwanLinking perceptual animacy to visual attention: Evidence from chasing detection
9:00Young & CordesFewer things, lasting longer: The effects of emotion on quantity judgments
9:15Caparos, Linnell, Bremner, De Fockert, & DavidoffDoes local/global perceptual bias tell us anything about local/global selective attention?
Lead: Carly LeonardWorking memory
9:45Cunningham & WolfeLions or tigers or bears: Oh my! Hybrid visual search for categorical targets
10:00Rajsic & WilsonRemembering where: Estimated memory for visual objects is better when retrieving location with colour.
10:15Bigelow & PorembaComparing short-term memory among sensory modalities
Lead: Josh CosmanAttention and decision making
10:45Vatterott & VeceraThe attentional window configures to object boundaries
11:00Adamo, Cain, & MitroffSelf-induced attentional blink: a cause of errors in multiple-target visual search
11:15Moher & SongDynamic threshold adjustments reduce costly changes-of mind in perceptual-decision making
11:30Sali, Anderson, & YantisReinforcement learning modulates states of cognitive flexibility
11:45Lunch(Posters should be up)
12:30-2:15Poster Session Minneapolis Convention Center, Ballroom A
2:15Break(Posters down by 2:30)
Lead: Michael MackObject perception and recognition
2:30Baruch, Kimchi, & GoldsmithObject recognition: attention to distinguishing features
2:45Firestone & Scholl"Please tap the shape, anywhere you like": An exceedingly simple measure exposes skeletal shape representations
3:00Greene & Fei-FeiAutomatic basic-level object and scene categorization
3:30KEYNOTE ADRESS: Dr. Michael Tarr
4:30Awards and Closing Remarks 

Talk and Poster Guidelines

Each talk should be 10-12 minutes leaving 3-5 minutes for questions afterwards. The maximum size for posters is 4' tall x 8' wide. If you have any questions about talk or poster format, email us at