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OPAM 2013 Talk Session
Sheraton Centre Hotel
7:45Opening Remarks 
 Perceptual Processes
8:00 Hubert-Wallander & Boynton Systematic Overweighting of Early Items in Serial Cue Integration
8:15 Fan, Taylor, & Turk-Browne Feedback-driven tuning of statistical summary representations
8:30 Lew & Vul Sensitivity to Environment Structure in Hierarchical Representations
8:45 Ma, Nino, Hock, McCloskey, & Flombaum A Taxonomy of Directional Motion Judgment Based on Informational Content: Evidence From a Deficit Following Bilateral Parietal Brain Damage
9:15 Pallian & Halberda Independent Costs for Storing and Manipulating Information in Visual Working Memory
9:30 Peterson, Berryhill, Gurariy, & Caplovitz The Neural Fate of Individual Item Representations in Visual Working Memory
9:45 Schurgin, Reagh, Yassa, & Flombaum Spatiotemporal Continuity Alters Long Term Memory Representation of Objects
10:00 McColeman & Blair The Relationship Between Saccade Velocity, Fixation Duration and Salience in Category Learning
 Faces and Such
10:30 Richler, Palmeri, & Gauthier The Effects of Varying Configuration in the Composite Task Support an Attentional Account of Holistic Processing
10:45 Zhao & Bulthoff The Other Race Effect in Face Recognition is Sensitive to Face Format at Encoding
11:00 Asano & Yokosawa Determinants of Synesthetic Colors for Different Types of Graphemes: Toward a Comprehensive Model
11:15 Chua, Bub, Masson, & Gauthier Learning by Grasping: Long Term Representations for Volumetric Grasps
11:30Lunch(Posters should be up)
12:00-2:15Poster Session 
2:15 (Posters should be down)
 Attention and Visual Search
2:30 Boettcher, Drew, & Wolfe Hybrid Search in Context: How to Search for Vegetables in the Produce Section and Cereal in the Cereal Aisle
2:45 Schwark, Dolgov, Sandr, & MacDonlad Target Prevalence Influences Perceptual Evidence in Visual Search Decisions
3:00 Liverence & Scholl Object Persistence and Environmental Geometry Enhance Spatial Navigation: A Case Study in Smartphone Vision Science
3:15 Walenchok, Hout, & Goldinger What does that Picture Sound Like to You? Oculomotor Evidence for Phonological Competition in Visual Search
3:45KEYNOTE ADRESSDr. Stephen Mitroff
4:45Awards and Closing Remarks