The program for OPAM 18 is available in a shorter version and a longer version that includes abstracts for all talks and posters.

OPAM 2010 Talk Session
Mississippi Room, The Millennium Hotel St. Louis
8:30Opening Remarks 
Lead: Tim VickeryPerception & Attention
8:45Attarha & MooreTesting capacity limitations of surface completion using the simultaneous-sequential method
9:00Xu & FranconeriChanges in ambiguous object structure are associated with shifts of attention
9:15Cosman & VeceraPerceptual grouping determines the locus of attentional selection
Lead: Michi MatsukuraAttention & Memory
9:45Beck, Luck, & HollingworthWhatever you do, don't look at the... Exploring the parameters of an exclusionary attentional template
10:00Moher & EgethSearch and destroy: Observers use an inefficient explicit feature-based inhibition strategy in visual search
10:15Leonard & LuckTemporal dynamics of the allocation of spatial attention
10:30Mack, Richler, Polyn, & PalmeriModeling effects of object naming on long-term object recognition memory
Lead: Melanie PalomaresEcological Factors & Object Processing
11:00Blacker & CurbyThe attentional blink is attenuated for objects of expertise
11:15Caddigan, Walther, Fei-Fei, & BeckPerceptual differences between natural scene categories
11:30Kim, Feldman, & SinghLaunching curved apparent motion: A motion interpolation study
11:45Gao, New, & SchollPerceived intentionality controls attentional tracking
12:00Lunch(Posters up at 12:45pm)
1:00Poster SessionJefferson Room
2:10Break(Posters down)
Lead: Brian LevinthalAttention: Distribution
2:15Jefferies & YantisUnitary vs. multiple attentional loci reflect space-based vs. object-based modes of attention
2:30Vo & WolfeThe role of incidential object fixations in repeated search: Looking AT versus looking FOR an object in a scene
2:45Cain, Vul, Clark, & MitroffHuman search strategies are informed by complex target distribution statistics
3:00Lechak & LeberTemporal oscillations in attention capture by moving stimuli as revealed by fMRI
3:25KEYNOTE ADRESS: Dr. Cathleen MooreThe function of perceptual organization in the dynamic updating of visual representations
4:40Closing Remarks