OPAM 2010 Details

OPAM 2010

November, 18th 2010

St. Louis, Missouri

Millennium Hotel St. Louis

Keynote Speaker

Dr. Cathleen Moore, University of Iowa

The program for OPAM that includes schedules for the talk and poster sessions is now available on the Program page. Remember to register for the meeting. See you in St. Louis!

OPAM 2010 Sponsors

Psychonomics Society

Vision Sciences Society

Christopher Chabris &
Daniel Simons

Visual Cognition

University of South Carolina

Harvard Vision Sciences Laboratory

Yale Perception & Cognition Laboratory

Yale Visual Cognitive
Neuroscience Laboratory

The University of Iowa

University of Delaware Cognitive Group

National Eye Institute

Temple University Department of Psychology


If you or your organization is interested in helping to provide a high-visibility forum for young investigators to present cutting edge research, please consider making a contribution to OPAM. If you interested in making a donation, please email Melanie Palomares at paloma@sc.edu.