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The 13th annual OPAM was a great success! Year after year, OPAM has grown stronger, and the quality of presentations in 2005 continued to push the bar higher. Thanks to all of the presenters for working hard to make this happen, including Melvyn Goodale, who delivered a great keynote address. Additional thanks go to our sponsors, who allowed us to offer free registration for the second year in a row! Our sponsors for 2005 were:

The Center for Visual Neuroscience
at North Dakota State University
The Cognitive Science Program
at Michigan State University
The Center for Cognitive Neurosciences
at Duke University
The Computational Visual Cognition Laboratory
at MIT
Arrington Research Psychology Software Tools
Tobii Technology The Psychonomic Society

We'd also like to thank key anonymous donors and the many individuals who made voluntary contributions at the registration desk on the day of the meeting.

OPAM Summaries to appear in Visual Cognition: The 2005 OPAM talk presentations will appear in Visual Cognition in spring/summer 2006. Click here for more information on OPAM's relationship with Visual Cognition.

OPAM 2006: Preparations are already underway for our next meeting, on November 16th, in Houston! Stay tuned to our website for updates.

If you or your organization is interested in helping to provide a high-visibility forum for young investigators to present cutting edge research, please consider making a contribution to OPAM. We accept donations via Paypal (see link below) and various other means. Please see the current OPAM website for details about how to make a donation.

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