OPAM 2004

November 18, 2004

The organizing committee would like to thank all presenters and attendees for a great meeting! We extend special thanks to Dr. Steven Luck for delivering an excellent keynote address. Additionally, we are grateful for generous financial support from the Cognitive Science Program at Michigan State University, the Perceptual Science Group at MIT, the American Psychological Association, the Psychonomic Society, Cedrus Corporation, Psychology Software Tools, Inc., Tobii Technology, and the many members who provided individual contributions. This meeting -- the first OPAM to provide free registration -- never would have been possible without their kind generosity.

If you or your organization is interested in helping to provide a high-visibility forum for young investigators to present cutting edge research, please consider making a contribution to OPAM. We accept donations via Paypal and various other means.

Our next meeting will be held in Toronto, on November 10th, 2005, and preparations are already underway. Stay tuned for more information, which will appear on this website and in announcements distributed to our mailing list subscribers; to sign up, please visit the current OPAM website.

Alejandro Lleras
University of Illinois (UC)
Stephen Mitroff
Yale University
Aude Oliva
Yaoda Xu
Yale University
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