OPAM 2002 Posters

Task differences influence object-based attention
Ho & Atchley
Object-based attention in pigeons?
Lazareva, Levin, Vecera, & Wasserman
Gestalt perception of emotional expressions
Innes-Ker & Townsend
Detecting configural and identity changes in upright and inverted faces
Early maturity of face recognition in children
McKone & Gilchrist
Distortions in face-space: Adaptation to relational changes
Robbins & McKone
Moving the Thatcher illusion
Schwaninger, Cunnigham, & Kleiner
When and why is the perception of human movement “special”?
Chouchourelou, Cohen & Shiffrar
Acquisition of object and structural landmark knowledge in virtual environment navigation
Kalia & Stankiewicz
The effect of motion on memory for 3D objects
Perceiving and controlling simulated ego-rotations by optic flow: Influence of field of view (FOV) and display devices on ego-motion perception
Schulte-Pelkum, Riecke, von der Heyde, & Bülthoff
The role of physical object properties in inferring actions and goals from the perception of visual events
Numerical cues dominate simulated foraging in human adults
A model of the dimensional consistency effect
Copeland & Wenger
Parallel response-selection in the psychological refractory period paradigm

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