The 8th Annual Workshop on
Object Perception and Memory

Thursday, November 16, 2000

New Orleans, Louisiana, USA

Keynote Speaker: Pierre Jolicoeur

Early registration deadline: October 1, 2000

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Scott Watter, the recipient of the student travel grant, and
Simone Keane, the winner of the conference logo contest.

OPAM has become an excellent venue for researchers in object perception, memory and other areas of visual cognition to share results and ideas. This years workshop will be held on Thursday, November 16, 2000 -- the day before the annual Psychonomics Society meeting -- at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. The goal of the workshop is to provide a forum for presenting new and innovative work representing different areas of visual cognition.

If you plan on attending OPAM 2000 please register early even if you plan on paying at the conference. It will help the organizers a great deal to have an early count of attendees.

Workshop Organizers:

Isabel Gauthier
Psychology Department
Vanderbilt University
Nashville, TN 37240
615-322-1778 (Voice)
615-343-8449 (Fax)
Amy Lynne Shelton
Department of Psychology
Stanford University
Stanford, CA 94305
650-725-0797 (Voice)
650-725-5699 (Fax)
Bosco Tjan
NEC Research Institute
4 Independence Way
Princeton, NJ 08540
609-951-2731 (Voice)
609-951-2482 (Fax)

Conference logo designed by Simone Keane.

Call for Papers

Submision deadline: July 31, 2000

The workshop on Object Perception and Memory (OPAM) has evolved into a stimulating forum for researchers to present work in object perception, memory, and related areas of visual cognition, including attention, scene perception and spatial processing. In the tradition of previous OPAMs, the 2000 meeting will take place the day before the Psychonomic Society Meeting in New Orleans, Louisiana, in the conference hotel. This notice is to encourage you to attend and to consider presenting your research on object/scene perception, recognition, and memory. Papers will be selected according to the following guidelines:

1. To ensure the highest quality presentations, submissions will be reviewed by both the organizing committee and outside reviewers.

2. To ensure that we hear as many ideas as possible, greater priority will be given to those who did not present last year.

3. Submissions will first be ranked based upon their internal and external reviews. The final selection of presentations will have a bias for graduate students over post-docs and professors (due to the fact that individuals with Ph.D.s can present at Psychonomics). The goal of OPAM is to provide high quality presentations and to offer young vision scientists a forum to present their research.


Submission deadline is July 31, 2000. Please see submissions page for details. Submissions must be received by midnight Pacific Time on July 31, 2000. Late submissions will be considered, but be given lower priority. All talks will be 15 minutes long, with an additional 5 minutes for discussion.

We will arrange to have an overhead projector, a slide projector, and a computer projector (provided by Marvin) available for the presentations. If necessary and monetarily feasible, we may be able to provide a TV/VCR; please let us know as soon as possible if you would like to make a presentation that requires a dynamic display. In order to pay for the conference room and AV equipment, it will be necessary to collect a registration fee ($25 for faculty, $15 for grad students and post-docs, or $20/$10 if paid before October 1, 2000) from all attendees.

You may send the registration fee (see Registration page) with your registration or pay at the door. Please make checks out to Amy Shelton and not to OPAM (or any other variant of it).

Student Travel Grants

One and perhaps two travel grants (depending on the funds available) will be awarded to outstanding submissions. Preference will be given to presenters who do not have other means of travel support to attend this conference.

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