The Fifth Annual Workshop on Object Perception and Memory

Thursday, November 20, 1997, 8:30 AM

Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel - Ballroom Section A
17th and Race Streets
Philadelphia, PA, USA

OPAM '97 will be held in Philadelphia on the day before the Psychonomics Society meeting, Thursday, November 20, 1997. Registration will start at 8:30 AM, with talks beginning at 9:00. Eighteen speakers will deliver 15-minute talks, with 5 minutes for questions after each. The workshop will be held in the Wyndham Franklin Plaza Hotel Ballroom, Section A. This is the "overflow" hotel for Psychonomics; see the map below for relative locations of the two hotels.

Workshop Organizers:

Condensed Schedule: (Full schedule and abstracts)

Time Speaker Title
8:30 Registration
9:00 Opening Remarks, Pepper Williams

Session 1: Completion and Contours

9:05 Peter Tse Volume completion
9:25 Robert Van Lier & Johan Wagemans Global and local completions of self-occluded object parts
9:45 Anne Giersch, Muriel Boucart, & Jean-Marie Danion Effect of lorazepam on visuo-perceptual processes in healthy volunteers
10:05 Break

Session 2: Scenes and Events

10:20 Russell Epstein & Nancy Kanwisher fMRI reveals a double dissociation between scene perception and object perception
10:40 Andrew Hollingworth & John M. Henderson The influence of scene context on object perception
11:00 William J.Friedman The development of infants' perception of temporally unidirectional events
11:20 Fei Xu Object representations in infancy: The role of spatiotemporal information, object kind information, and labelling
11:40 Lunch

Session 3: Reference Frames and Viewpoint

13:20 Heather Jordan & Steven P. Tipper Object- and location-based frames of reference are confounded in spatial priming paradigms: Evidence from inhibition of return
13:40 Bosco S. Tjan & Gordon E. Legge The viewpoint complexity of an object-recognition task
14:00 Gary C.-W. Shyi, Robert L. Goldstone, & John E. Hummel Computing representations for bound and unbound 3-D objects matching
14:20 Evan M. Palmer, Stephen A. Engel, & John E. Hummel Behavioral aspect graphs: Measuring stable views of objects
14:40 Break

Session 4: Similarity and Grouping

14:55 Kenneth W. Chambers, Michael K. McBeath, Diane J. Schiano, & Eric G. Metz Shape interpretations are more influenced by tops
15:15 Jacob Feldman The role of the ``object hypothesis'' in perceptual grouping
15:35 Kendra S. Gilds & Shaun P. Vecera How do apperceptive agnosics see the world? Examining processing impairments using normal subjects
15:55 Jesse M. Choplin & Douglas L. Medin Similarity of the perimeters in size contrast effects
16:15 Break

Session 5: Biological Objects

16:30 Julie Bauer Morrison & Barbara Tversky Verifying body parts
16:50 Christopher S. Campbell & Dominic W. Massaro Relational/featural and global/local information dimensions in visible speech perception
17:10 Jeannine Pinto Object-specific processes in the perception of biological motion displays
17:30 Closing Remarks, Dan Simons
17:35 Done!

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