OPAM 1996
The 4th Annual Workshop
on Object Perception and Memory

Thursday 31 October, 1996

Hyatt Regency Hotel

Chicago, IL, USA.


Michael K. McBeath
Department of Psychology
Kent State University
(moved to Arizona State University <m.m@asu.edu>)

James W. Tanaka
Department of Psychology
Oberlin College
(moved to University of Victoria <jtanaka@uvic.ca>)

OPAM 1996 Schedule
Speaker Name
Presentation Title
     9:00 a.m.
Mike McBeath
Welcome and Opening Remarks
Chair - Mike McBeath - Kent State University
     9:10 a.m.
Peter Kalocsai and Irving Biederman
Adding horizontal connections and extension fields to a low level recognition model qualitatively improves its performance
     9:30 a.m.
Daniel Levin
Association, feature selection, and the cross race recognition deficit

          10 Minute Break

     10:00 a.m.
Frank Tong and Ken Nakayama Finding faces in a crowd: Familiarity and inversion effects in visual search
     10:20 a.m.
Isabel Gauthier, Marlene Behrmann, Michael Tarr, Adam Anderson, and John Gore
Subordinate-level categorization in human inferior temporal cortex: Converging evidence from neuropsychology and brain imaging

          15 Minute Break

Session 2
Chair - Paddy McMullen - Dalhousie University
     10:55 a.m.
John Pani
Objects in spatial transformations
     11:15 a.m.
Rebecca Lawson and Pierre Jolicoeur
Plane rotation effects the identification of brief, masked stimuli

          10 Minute Break

     11:45 a.m.
Zoe Kourtzi and Maggie Shiffrar
Viewpoint-invariance in a moving world
     12:05 p.m.
Jim Townsend and Michael Wenger
Infinite Dimensional general recognition theory (IDGRT) and its implication for object perception and memory


Session 3
Chair - Jim Tanaka - Oberlin College
     2:00 p.m.
Moshe Bar and Irving Biederman
Subliminal visual priming
     2:20 p.m.
Steffen Werner
Seeing unfamiliar ambiguous figures: Semantic primes can influence what we see, and only what we see is semantically primed

          10 Minute Break

     2:50 p.m.
Sean McAuliffe and John Hummel
Priming of  visual representations using a weight judgment task
     3:10 p.m.
Lisa Barns and Patricia Reuter-Lorenz
Shared mechanisms of object-based attention and object working memory

          15 Minute Break

Session 4
Chair - Kavitha Srinivas - Boston College
     3:45 p.m.
Glyn Humphreys and Derrick Watson
Visual marking of objects in scenes
     4:05 p.m.
Gary Klatsky
The effect of scene defining objects and scene organization on the detection of objects in real world scenes

          10 Minute Break

     4:35 p.m.
Tom Busey
Do stereoscopic depth cues remain in memory to assist recognition?
     4:55 p.m.
Tom Sanocki, Kevin Bowyer, Michael Heath, and Sudeep Sarkar
Are edges sufficient for object recognition?

Historical Notes on OPAM:
The First Annual Workshop on Object Perception and Memory (OPAM) was held in November 1993.
The organizers for the first two OPAM workshops in 1993 and 1994 were Michael Tarr and Irving Biederman
John Hummel helped organize the third workshop in 1995.

Early OPAM Workshop
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